All I want is a little commitment. All I want is a little time
Don’t dispose of me like I was nothing; that’d be a long-term crime
So we’re walking together, and right now, everything looks fine
How long do you think we will last, how long given time?
I see what you do with your Coke can, you’re throwing it away
It’s going into the garbage, ooh Coke can that’s OK
How long ’til you finish with me, how long will I last
How long do you think we will be, making our own past
I could have said that you wanted more
You could have told me anything
And you could have said that you wanted more
But you didn’t want a thing.



KillerChorus ® presents lyrics of the album House Therapy accompanying the book The House Therapist ®

 Lyrics are in the order in which the songs are relevant to their chapters in the book.   

1. Commitment   2. Sorry For Your Loss   3. Waterfall 
4. Clinically Spontaneous    5. Own Little Crown 
6. Motherhood   7. I Know A Guy   8. Home Run
9. Independently Dependent   10. Light In The Gloom
11. Plastic Flower   12. Rude Food   13. Full Of Theory
14. When Evening Falls  15. Defiance  16. Amazing Disgrace 

                                                              17. Universal Hero   18. Never More Than Tonight ​                                                                 

SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS sung by Laura Rhian
As a child I was shown love, and I cannot help that

As a child you were shown hate, and you will not leave that
If you had been loved, would you have chosen me?
If you had been loved, you would have found all I can be

I hear heartfelt apologies, and words help heal the blows
But memories are in my bones when marks no longer show
Your dad mistreated you, and you pass the pain on
But would you to another man?  No, you’re not strong

CHORUS: So, I am sorry for your loss, for all the loves you’ll cost
For smiles taken from youth; now become your truth
Sorry for your loss, for the line you have crossed
So sorry for your loss ... Of me

I never make you number one, you say I’m all me-me-me
So I’ve listed what we’ve both done; the list does not agree
And I will celebrate myself, since you’ve forgotten how
A lioness before we met, I’ll never be a mouse


Where have I been, why did I go, what I wear, who I’m with, you possess me like a swarm
But the unspoken permission you heard – to treat me as 2nd class – is hereby withdrawn
As a child I was shown love, and I cannot help that
As a child you were shown hate.  Good luck to you ... and that.

WATERFALLsung by Joel Fender

Childhood was my waterfall of dreams
Time has turned this to a tiny stream
I need someone to take my hand
To lead me out of this dry land
I need someone, I need someone, so bad

Have you ever been to solitude? 
That’s the place where love will not intrude
It’s OK to go some days
But to live there’s like a tourniquet
Around my heart. Please, take it away

CHORUS: Don’t wanna be lonely again
Don’t wanna be lost ‘til the end
Jus’ wanna give love to a beautiful friend
Don’t wanna be lonely again

Life was something when I was his rock
Now the sands of time just seem to mock
I could feel cold inside
Could be losing all my pride
Could be that rock … in a landslide.


I'm looking for a way to see into your mind
I'm looking for a clue but scared of what I'll find
Everything is just too perfect
Everything is too sweet
Under the sun there may be the darkest cloud
Someone I don't want to meet

CHORUS: Help me to help you. Why are you so unreal?
Thinking what to say, not saying what you feel

Against anger I could fight
Against tears I hold you tight
But with your lovely smile, I'm helpless as a child
Clinically spontaneous, never a word out of place
Am I just a rehearsal each night
Helping towards your showcase?

OWN LITTLE CROWN sung by Laura Rhian
There was a time, there was a place,
When I was scared to show my face.
Tried so hard, by somebody’s rules,
But they weren’t my own, so I was the fool.

When I went home, you already know, it’s easy to see:
I went there alone

CHORUS: Nobody steps in my way this time
Nobody’s putting me down
I am queen of my life, from here
I’ll wear my own little crown

Years keep passing, I hide no more,
I’m breaking out, right from the core.
As I get older, I hope wiser too,
Still finding me, I hope I find you.
Want someone to touch, not in heaven that much, but someone I know, who won’t stop the show

MOTHERHOODsung by Mathangi Ray

Feeding, grooming, guiding; they all grow up so fast
And I wonder just how long their need of me will last
They’ll learn to cope with grit & grace when times get really rough
And all the skills I’ve taught, will they prove to be enough?


My children are my pride & joy ’though I’ll always bear the price
I’ll fight, distract or just lay down, make one last sacrifice

Young & free & blindly bold, more within Danger’s aim
Life’s tale will ever unfold, still Failure hands me the blame
How I share a mother’s fear, may my young be alert
Man has so many talents, when he chooses how to hurt

Some proud day they’ll have to go, each individual way
But in my lonely heart, I wish they all would stay.

I KNOW A GUY sung by AJ Leroy

I know a guy who's been broken

Wishes that he could have seen
What lights would be turned off around him
And all that the darkness would mean

Is there a way to be near you, really to have and to hold?
I am a slave to the fall of the dice
Without it, a slave in the cold
He’d like to offer the whole world

But on these words he must depend
And if I were broken in his place
Would you have a heart you could lend?

Is there a way to be near you, really to have and to hold?
I am a slave to the whim of win of the game
Without it, a slave who’s too old

Is there a way to be near you, really to have and to hold?
Maybe to the signs I have been blind
I could just be left far behind.
Don’t ever think you can leave me,
‘Though I’ll never force you to stay
Some of the love we have shared I will save
A drop from the ocean you gave.

HOME RUN sung by Mathangi Ray
There are so many songs about home but I’ll make this one my own
So many lives have been wasted; clichés come bitter when tasted
I am one of those fish in the sea; loneliest star in no-one’s galaxy
A drop in the deepest ocean; but must you deny my simple emotion?

CHORUS: Won’t you take me as I am
Your home run has begun
To you I want to prove how I can make you move
And if you think I’m coming, coming on too strong
Hey boy, hey boy, this is only the song

Your mama may tell you: take your time.

Papa will tell you not to be mine
They may say there’re other birds in the sky.

But you must decide or this one flies by
Don’t hide behind home apple pies.

Don’t cushion my ego with smiled alibis
You’re something special that nobody knows.

I want to hold the stem to my rose

If you have the time, as the day ends, give me a comforting call
If you have the time, ’til part of life, takes you beyond nightfall
I want to hear, just how you are, and how you feel about us
Like a school kid, counting her score, so thrilled with every plus

CHORUS: Touched by you, by flowers, phone or text
When you do, I know what’s coming next
So in love, I have a little pain
Just enough, let it remain
I want to really need you, and you to need me
Independently dependent, is where we both should be

I’ll take our love, wrap it in wool, to put it safely away
And when you come home, we’ll unwrap so much, words will have nothing to say.

LIGHT IN THE GLOOM sung by Laura Rhian
I’m walking through the wind, through the rain, through the snow
Feeling it all and yet who wants to know
Then you appear as if in a dream
But you must not leave because you are as you seem

CHORUS: Love, like a fire, can burn itself out. 
If I am your flame, don’t leave me in doubt
I need to know, now my heart has been shown
I am in love but am I alone?

Now you stand with me a breeze in my sails
A light in the gloom when all else pales
There’s so much about you that turns me on
Feathers may fade, am I still your swan?

PLASTIC FLOWER sung by Joel Fender. BVs by Mathangi Ray.
I wake up tired somewhere else
Turn and touch her but I’m alone
Answering my selfish moment, I let her say ‘hello’
Then took me for a cold night, saying goodbye

CHORUS: Why does temptation have to be so sweet
The aftertaste is sour, sour in deceit
Now I have to go, go back home
Like a plastic flower to a charming street

She gets up, makes us both coffee
Glances at the clock, I drink fast
‘That was nice, we must meet sometime,’ she murmurs to his cup
Gently asks for my number, I see the door


I’ll hide my guilt, in a drawer, in a dark room
Forever locked because I’m back with
Someone special, someone loyal, who trusts me

RUDE FOOD sung by AJ LeRoy
Every time I see you, you’re a treat
You look more than good enough to eat
And if you were the table, I might say
You’d be just the type I’d want to lay

Have you heard of something called rude food?
It’s the type I’d like to have off you
You would learn as I reach certain parts
Why I’m good at culinary arts

CHORUS: Dress down for dinner. Catch me off guard
I’m easy to please, girl, don’t work too hard
Put on your jacket, maybe no shirt
And we’ll wear our birthday suits over dessert

You’ve said you’re particularly choosy
I think you’re a very naughty smoothie
And I know you're a peach in bloom
So I'll be tasting hot peach soon; hot peach soon


I try hard to behave when I read your eyes and mouth 
Then a mood suggests rude food and, oops, all my thoughts slip south

After dinner if you want to play
I’ve got something special for your tray
There you’ll taste a bodylicious wine
That trickles to the bottom of your spine.

There’s so much you can teach me, so much I wanna learn
Wanting to know more, got energy to burn
So what you gonna do with this fire at your side
You can dampen it with mockery or build it up with pride

CHORUS: I’m not a natural lover, trust me

 Need a bit of practical, you’ll see
Right now, I’m full of theory.  C’mon show me

I watch things on my TV, read them in magazines
Seen enough for far too long, I wanna live my dreams
It’s not like I’m insecure, ’bout what I have to do
Jus’ wanna find the perfect way, to ev’ry part of you


If you want to leave me, you go right ahead
But if you want to love me, come on back to bed
I should not be sorry for everything you do

And you should not be happy for seeing that I’m blue

WHEN EVENING FALLS sung by Laura Rhian
Dreamt I was an eagle surfing on a cloud
Became a flightless soul and not so proud
I’m on a long, straight road at the start.
People stand either side; dressed so dark
In the middle of this road I walk alone, I see all those I’ve known

CHORUS: My evening has fallen, the lights have gone down
And though my life has been stolen, at last, the meaning I’ve found

no-one hears my ‘Hello’s calling through the years
The sun shines on every face, missing my tears
Black ties in the heat, a breeze gives breath
Yet this makes me sweat ‘n’ cold, I feel like death. Feel like death


At the end of the road I take a look down see myself in a space 
six feet in the ground.  And when I awake after the dream
is there a difference I’ll make in the great scheme?
Perhaps there’s more to this meaning I’ll find.  It’s what those

who I’ve touched can hold ... when I leave them behind.

DEFIANCE sung by Mathangi Ray & Joel Fender
Many will keep trying to tear us to pieces
But with each threat we face, our love only increases
Moving through the water, I don’t show my fears
It will caress my body, it will remove my tears

CHORUS: Swim with me today, think not of tomorrow
Hold me close, still closer, put aside the sorrow

Gliding over your body, yours over mine
Let our nearness linger, floating now through time


I have lost others, have you lost them too?
Did they share these moments that I do with you?
Yes, by those stronger than I, my loves have been taken
But I shall not weary, defiance has awakened


I can feel your nearness reassuring me
Responding to your rhythm, I am eternally.

AMAZING DISGRACEsung by Mathangi Ray
Sometimes I hear you sing, “All creatures great and small”
Could these words mean anything? Pray, anything at all?
I am quite a simple soul and once more crucified
By those who like to satisfy some kind of human pride

Through many dangers toils and snares, I have already grown
’Tis fear that brought me safe thus far and love will lead me home
How easy rushing to forgive, to turn away from hate
When it’s not your lonesome body they choose to desecrate

Through many dangers toils and snares, I have already grown
’Tis fear that brought me safe thus far and love will lead me home

I could never close my eyes nor to myself stay true
If I said: “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”
Too much from too many of you, too little too few of me
I wonder who should cry your words, “He Who Would Valiant Be”?

Through many dangers toils and snares, I have already grown
’Tis fear that brought me safe thus far and love will lead me home
When this heart and flesh shall fail and mortal life shall cease
I shall possess beyond the veil, at least a time of peace

With your unholy calling, I can only see
That this Great One you sing to is not in you, but me.

UNIVERSAL HERO sung by Pearl Hancock
As my feet touch the floor, from the night before

The battle must begin
I shall fight for the right, to survive another day.

Is it penance for a sin?
Don’t know what I have done, to deserve what I’ve become,

I have tried to be good
But there’s someone who cares, who heard lonely prayers, who always knew I might be... be misunderstood

CHORUS: You’re my universal hero. Your arms go far and wide
When I hit rock-bottom, you make me feel I can fly

The radio told me: “If yer wanna be free, yer gotta blow this town.”
That’s mighty fine advice, an’ country songs are nice, but one sure thing I sure found
Wherever I could go, the same soul of mine will show, eventually
And you’re someone who’s touched, where no-one else knows much, so I’ll love you my way... way more than they see


Now thanks to you I’ve grown, so you’d surely have known

I’d have the urge to move
You’re definitely right, there’s one place in my sight

And that’s closer to you

NEVER MORE THAN TONIGHT sung by Mathangi Ray
I am someone, who is no-one, without someone, else to love
Now I’m with you, I will mind you, like the white wings, of the dove
And I know how, I must feel like, I have never, been alone
Some desire, what they don’t have, it’s the challenge, of the chase
But I could not, feel safer, than in your warm, strong embrace
Satisfied I, am now holding, the best man I’ve, ever known

CHORUS: I’ll never love more than I have tonight
You heard this from me before; I need to tell you just once more
Oh, I’ve never loved more than I have tonight
I’ll say it in the morning, each day a fresh love dawning

There are moments when we have thoughts

That are often left unsaid
But they touch us, more than words should

After we’ve climbed, into bed
So I’m happy when I wake up; I am such a, happy girl.